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Our cheeses are seasonal and so is our shipping. We typically resume shipping in the early fall (mid September) and we take orders via PayPal.

If the PayPal buttons are not displayed alongside of the cheese, please call us to check on the availability of the cheese.
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Please feel free to call with any questions regarding our products. I will reiterate here that all of our cheese is chemical and hormone free. The sheep are raised on a pasture management system, relatively grain free. 

We strive to maintain a totally natural food product that the consumer can feel confident and secure in purchasing.

Simple and elegant for holiday gifts and entertainment menus..our "Surprise Samplers" are back!!!
Our " Surprise Sampler" is a selection of the best that the cave has to offer for that particular week and is one of our customer's favorite choices. We are known for our "rustic"packaging with each piece of cheese being wrapped simply in white butcher paper, nestled in a bed of fresh meadow hay topped with a frond of northern white cedar and a brochure. We choose the cheese, you get to enjoy it! We ship USPS priority mail.
Personally Yours TM:
The perfect size for a single person or couple that would like to sample a variety of 3 different cheeses each in approx. 1/2 lb. increments.
$35.00 (plus shipping)
More Cheese Please! TM:
A variety of 3 different cheeses each in approx. 1 lb. chunks, the perfect size for sharing with friends.
$70.00 (plus shipping)
It's A Party! TM:
A delicious selection of five different cheeses each in approx.1 lb. increments... makes a great line up for a party or perfect for the happy cheese snacking family.
$110.00 (plus shipping)
Trade Lake Cedar TM:
Each wheel is approx 6-8 pounds and sells for $22.00 per pound plus shipping.
Available in Large full wheel (approx 7-7.5 lbs) Med full wheel (approx 6 lbs), 1/2, and 1/4 Wheels. 
 (Discounts for full wheels - $21.00/lb)


Full Wheel 7-7.5lb  



4lb Wedge


2lb Wedge 

Trade Lake Tango TM:
The Trade Lake Tango is basically the Trade Lake Cedar except that it is crafted from a blend of raw sheep and cow milk instead of 100% sheep milk. It is the cheese we make when we are in short supply of sheep milk, we have found that the high butterfat milk from our "LoveTree Ladies" pairs beautifully with our "Trade Lake Sheep's" this deep, savory cheese. The " LoveTree Ladies" are a unique cross of Scottish Highlanders/Angus/Jersey which make excellent use of the local forage resulting in their ambrosial "liquid gold"!
$22.00 per pound plus shipping.
Please call for availability.

6lb Wheel  

4lb Wedge 

2lb Wedge 
Spirit Lake TM:
Made from our "LoveTree Ladies" raw cow milk, this is a firm, very dense, pasted cheese with a slightly nutty, buttery, smooth finish with a light tang.
$20.00 per pound plus shipping.

Gabrielson Lake TM:  
Each wheel averages approx 6 pounds and sells
 for $20.00 per pound plus shipping.
 Available in 6 pound wheel  1/2,
and 1/4 Wheels.  (Discounts for Large full wheels - $19.00/lb) 
*Available after December 15.

6lb Wheel  

4lb Wedge 


2lb Wedge 

Sweet Young Thang TM:
a firm pasted goat cheese that in this youthful stage has a very milky/grassy and buttery finish. and sells for $22.00 per pound plus shipping.

The "Holmes Series" TM:
Fresh, herbal Goat's milk version. Each "cake" is approximately 1 pound and sells for $25.00 each plus shipping.

*Cheese will not be shipped when weather temperatures are unusually warm.

A Variety of Our Cheeses are Available at the  Following Farmers Markets:

St. Paul Farmers Market

** Winter Hours**

Every Saturday from 9am - 1pm through the end of April.

The Downtown Market "summer hours" begins on April 30th 2011 6:00am -1:00pm


Kingfield Farmers Market 

Every Sunday from 8:30 am  - 1:00pm     May 22-Oct 29th 2011  
4310 Nicollet Ave. S.





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