Welcome to LoveTree Farmstead Cheese, producers of some of the world's finest and most unique sheep milk cheese and dry aged  "European" style grass fed organic lamb.

We hope you enjoy your visit here and that you can really gain the sense of achievement that we feel we have found from being proactive in the Farmstead Cheesemakers movement. Please visit again soon as we envisage updating this site often to reflect the evolvement of our wonderful range of farmstead cheese.


These two potential future cheesemakers for Love Tree, seem to appreciate the environs as much as the cheese!  That's Charlie on the left, and Andy on the right.

LoveTree Farmstead Cheese was established in 1986 in the Trade Lake area of northern Wisconsin. In this unique "glacial " setting there are eight lakes within two miles of LoveTree and many more within the surrounding terrain. It is these lakes that our different cheese are named after...Trade Lake Cedar, Big Holmes, Little Holmes, Spirit, and Trade River.








        Breathtaking Trade Lake at Sunset

Trade Lake is on the edge of the farming community while at the same time bordering on the "wild" side. It is a very common occurrence to observe the bald eagles and osprey flying overhead, along with the occasional sightings of black bear, timber wolf, coyote and even cougar.

Since our environment is not the safest for sheep production, we utilize the services of sheep guardian dogs which allow our livestock to graze in secure surroundings without upsetting the natural order of our wild counterparts. We are firmly committed to living in a "holistic" community, where all living creatures can exist in accordance with others.

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